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SimCity BuildIt : 1 More Quick Traffic Tip | Blocks Plays BuildIt E13 | AYB51

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Simcity Buildit Fix

Simcity Buildit Fix

SimCity Buildit Hack - Simcash, Keys & Simoleons Generator

This quick tip will support you to ease traffic as well as save Simoleons! Along with a bit of clever building rotation you won’t have to update your roads until much later in the game.

SimCity BuildIt is a new game designed for mobile devices as well as is available for iOS as well as Android. Let me know in the video comments what you’d like to see me try next!

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Here’s a step-by-step image of how I made the pixel art for my custom thumbnails;

You may have additional information on SimCity BuildIt here;

[There is some crackling on the sound for together with the video, that’s being caused by SimCity BuildIt : I think by the background music track. I haven’t yet worked out if there’s a way to reduce together with eliminate it, but it’s even doing it when just enjoying the game on my iPad as well as not recording.]


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SimCity Buildit Hack - Simcash, Keys & Simoleons Generator

An overview of resetting repair as well as update requirements in SimCity build-it, as well as the use of videos to have it done fast.
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