Sim City Money Cheat $999,999 for Super Nintendo (SNES) Explained

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Simcity Hack Money

Simcity Hack Money

SimCity Buildit Hack - Simcash, Keys & Simoleons Generator

I show you how to properly do the cash cheat for SimCity on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. (Click show additional for written instructions)

1. Make certain auto budget is off (it is by default).

2. Go into your Tax budget menu as well as set everything to zero such as taxes.

3. Spend all of of your cash by buying police as well as fire stations, if you’re on simple mode, you may build 3 nuclear power plants, then buy 5 police stations, as well as 5 fire stations.

4. Set the game to high speed as well as wait for the annual tax screen to toolear.

5. Hold as well as continue to hold L on your controller as well as then go to “Go together with figures”

6. While continuing to hold L on your controller, press X twice to go to January of the next year.

7. While continuing to hold L on your controller, go to your Tax budget screen as well as put your funding back to 100%

8. Continue to hold L as well as choose “Go together with Figures”

9. Continue to hold L as well as go back to the main map screen.

10. Finally, release L as well as you have to have 9,999

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